Wednesday, October 15, 2008

National Love Your Body Day

Today is National Love Your Body Day by the National Organization for Women.

I think about this day, while reflecting upon a lot of things.  For example, it makes me think about a Google Chat conversation I had with a friend (who lives out of state, and I was talking to her at the gym via my Crackberry... a very disturbing scene), about how we want to lose weight and wonder how Britney did it, or how the girls on the Hills are doing it.  ( I actually have no idea what the girls on the Hills look like.  I don't watch the show, but I've been told that they live in Laguna Beach, so it gives me an idea.)  It was a very casual and joke-filled conversation, but it is where we're at.  

So, on this day, I'm going to think about a part of my body that I love, without a cop-out answer like "my eyes" or "my brain".  (Two legitimate answers, to a certain degree, but people use it to avoid the real issue.) 

The body part I love most would have to be my arms.  I hated my arms growing up.  HATE.  I always wore something to cover them up because they were big, especially since I started swimming at a young age, and because I just had a lot of muscle there.  These days, though, it's my strongest body part, and I am so proud of it.  I still have little issues here and there, but the size doesn't bother me any more.  It makes me feel really powerful, and I get a kick out of people being shocked with the amount of things I could carry.  It's also the most toned part of my body, and I worked hard to get them there.  So, I love them.  But love comes with conflicted emotions, and that's exactly how I feel about my arms.  I love them for what they are, but there are days when I wish they were dainty.  But I'm most happy when I feel proud of their capabilities.  

So!  What part of your body do you love?


Louie said...

my right leg because that's the only limb i have left that hasn't been through surgery

Carmen said...

i know who that friend is...

vonzo said...

despite the humongo size of my calves, i still love them because they are a part of my legs that help me get from point a to b. i truly believe that they are part of the reason i am able to carry really heavy loads that aren't natural. my mom tells me there is a region in japan in which i could win a prize for having daikon legs. yesss. a place where i can be appreciated!