Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Healthy in a different way.

I feel so healthy right now, in a holistic way.

The last couple of months, I've been healthy solely on an external basis.  While I was chompin' on leaves and swimming laps to keep my heart rate up, I let my stress level sky rocket to a breaking point.  Without getting into too much details, I hit a limit, in more ways than one.  It's really a slippery slope, and I only write this as a brief cautionary tale.  It's really hard to see where you're at, mentally, when you're in the midst of things.

I didn't even want to celebrate my birthday, but luckily, I had people in my life who did for me.  After feeling celebrated, I've realized how much I've missed out in the last months by not taking a break.  Now, I actually feel my age and feel good and feel like I'm slowly becoming entirely healthy. 

SO.  On to more photo-centric less-serious things.  Here's how my birthday went:

I usually celebrate my birthday in 3 portions.  Once with a grand-ol' dinner with my family, once with people from all over that I enjoy very much, and once with my very close friends.  This year, it started out with my social sister, adding my birthday on to her graduation party as a reason to celebrate. 

My brother was done here from up north too, and we hung out and entertained each other at my sister's graduation. 

On top of having a grandiose sushi dinner with my family, I also had sushi dinner with my other family, as I'd like to call them.  Sushi is literally the only reason I cannot be a vegetarian.  I know I know, eating fish has become even more of an ethical dilemma lately, but it's not like I can afford to eat sushi everyday...  Leave me alone.. 

This wonderful group of people bought me a fruit tart, and that's how I concluded this wonderful weekend.   I am sincerely so lucky to have such caring people in my life. 

My coworkers also decorated my cubicle with the cutest little cut-outs, which is still hanging around my desk.  I love it!  

You see, this is the best way to become healthy.  And I can eat cake too!

Life is slowly getting back on track, and I am so glad.  


yv said...

Everything in moderation...even moderation.

Besos, chica!

p.s. salted caramel, please

Louie said...

we have big foreheads