Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have feelings!

I sometimes could be an emotion-less robot, but there are particular moments when I am guaranteed to cry every single time.

One such moment is during acceptance speeches at award shows. I can't help it. I bawled with Halle Barry when she screamed that the glass ceiling had been broken. I sobbed and congratulated America Ferrera across my Jet Blu TV screen on my flight back from NYC when she won the Emmy last year. And right now, I just shed a tear when they showed a footage ( a FOOTAGE for goodness sake) of Sidney Poitier winning Best Actor. ( Lilies of the Field is one my dad's favorite movies.)

I can't help it! People are happy!

Back to cooking while watching the Oscars. (I'm pretty ridiculous and didn't watch ANY of the films nominated this year. I hardly ever do. I only watched Ratatouille. And yet, I cry.)

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