Thursday, July 05, 2007


How was everyone's 4th?

I had a pleasant one, thank you. Ate entirely too much, but that's the American way. And if you ain't down with the American way, they say to go home to where you came from. I went to the Hollywood Bowl July 4th Spectacular on Monday and they showed a clip of Gene Autry singing a song with those exact words. Ohh, you should have SEEN the reaction on people's faces. It was quite inappropriate to say those things in Los Angeles. I was offended. It's like showing a clip of Mickey Rooney's Yellow-Face buck-toothed man from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" on the big screen on Chinese New Year. Well, kind of. The latter is probably a lot worse, but still.

Back at work. Tired as hell. Glad that today is Friday and it's the ACTUAL weekend. I wonder what I'll be doing. I've been out way too much the last month, and it's hurting me in more ways than one.

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Naoko said...

my july 4th was great. I spent it studying vocab for the GRE. i dont think i ate too much. that was about it. next year, lisa, you're spending it with me. first time in 8 years, you're going to spend it w/ me. okay?