Thursday, February 08, 2007

I wonder how Marilyn was really like.

The biggest news today was by far the death of Anna Nicole Smith. The crazy astronaut lady got a teeny bit of a break because no one will be paying attention to her now.

You know, it's strange what death can do to a person's image. Early death is one of the ultimate ways to be immortalized. Anna Nicole was ridiculed until today, and now she's being considered as the modern day Marilyn Monroe.

I wonder how Marilyn Monroe was being portrayed like before she died. I'm way too young to have experienced what her public image was like at the time, so I'm wondering now if we've all been fooled. Obviously, her affair with JFK was more shocking than Anna Nicole and that old oil tycoon, and it seems like she was legitimately an actress (I've been told). But she was ultimately defined by mystery and tragedy, which lead her to become an icon. I wonder if, in the end, Marilyn Monroe was leading the same kind of life Anna Nicole Smith was up until today. I wonder if 40 years from now, Anna Nicole will be portrayed like Marilyn. I doubt it will be to the magnitude of Marilyn Monroe, but Anna Nicole's tragedy is what will ultimately define her, and tragedy creates romanticism. Her reality-TV-fat period that everyone made fun of will now be treated some what the same as Elvis's fat period. It was tragic. It was self destructive. It was unfortunate. She had a rough patch and actually wasn't that dumb blond. She was the bombshell. That's how people talked about her today.

I guess this all makes me sound super naive and ridiculously young and foolish, because Marilyn Monroe was probably this great screen actress that truly made an effect on Hollywood. But you just have to wonder, you know? Maybe her fame probably wouldn't have been immortal if she didn't die mysteriously. Anna Nicole Smith will now be famous forever only because of this tragedy.

Sucks for her daughter. In the end. She came into such a crazy world.

I don't have anything against Anna Nicole Smith or Marilyn Monroe. I was just... wondering. You know? I suppose it's Wikipedia time now to straighten things out.


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