Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to them folks

Even #1: My brother and sister turned 21 on Sunday. Yes, they're BOTH 21 now. Yes, they're twins. No, there are no ESP(n) powers shared between them, except that they used to sleep in the same exact position in separate rooms when they were younger.

Celebration, with one individual present in spirit:

Event #2: As you can see in the picture, the bottom portion of the image is blurry. Yes, my camera got FUCKED UP AND I'M SOO MADD GRRRRRRRR. Taking the digital camera away from a Japanese person?????? Are you asking me not to breathe? I do have warranty, but the warranty is only valid in Japan because I bought the stupid thing in Tokyo... I will decide what will be the most efficient of way repair, later. For now, I'm trying really hard not to throw the camera on the ground in hopes of fixing it.

Event #3: Peter and I got the apartments, so we will officially become roommates this Saturday when we sign the contract!

I went to a very adult dinner party on Saturday (I was clearly the youngest by at least 12 years), and they were talking about what constitutes as an event to open a really expensive bottle of wine. I say, this week is enough to open 3! The negative one is worth opening a bottle too, for the sake of distraction.

Speaking of distractions, I haven't been able to get anything done lately because everything is a distraction. At work, things come up, like clients getting evicted or not having food, so I can't get anything done by deadline, because people's lives don't care about deadlines. At home, I sit down to relax after everything, and it's already time for bed. I can't even fathom the pace of things these days.

When I do have the chance to slow down, I do little things to keep me sane. One thing I've taken up as a guilty pleasure is watching this girl on Youtube. She's corny and such, but it makes me not think about anything, which is precisely what I need when I get home. It's a good sign that I'm wanting to not think when resting, because that means that I'm using my awesome brain powers at work, where I should be.

Thus ends my stream of non-thinking verbal diarrhea. But I just wanted to talk to you all a little bit here.

Good night!

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