Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello world!

How are you?

Me? I have been busy with keeping up with life and it's expectations.

Have I been running? Yes! Am I training for a marathon? NOOOOO. Phew to that.

I have my eyes on another marathon, though. My co-worker told me of a person who proposed to do 5 marathons before 30 years old, and I thought that was a nice little goal. I'm right on track if I do a marathon a year, and I definitely have my eyes on the ING NYC Marathon. There are few ways to qualify, and one of it is to run 9 qualifying races the year before the marathon. I've done 4 so far, with 5th one coming up this weekend.

I have also been doing some yoga; hot vinyasa yoga to be exact. I. Love. It. I am loving the chaturangas so much.

I will come back and give you a more quality post. I just wanted to say hello, but I have to avert my attention else where now, because the Lakers are playing the Celtics for the first NBA Finals game. PURPLE AND GOLD!

Be back!

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Anonymous said...

And when exactly were you planning on coming back to provide a more detailed post? In August?