Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What did I do in 2008?

I started out by going to New York City.

I got to be part of a wedding party...

... and watched 2 lovely people get married. 

My broham graduated college. 

I regained my sanity and celebrated my birthday. 

My sister also graduated college.  Twins.  She then started working at my non-profit.  Follower. 

My best friend moved away, and therefore we communicated online, at times via video.  We mostly just made faces at each other. 

My college roommate made her annual LA visit.  This time, we decided that the restroom was the best place to document her visit.   

Suddenly, everyone around me worked at Disneyland, or at Disney, the corporation.  Therefore, I went to Disneyland 4 times this year.  Cra cra. 

We went through an epic election, and we fought for our rights, and temporarily lost...  The battle continues. 

And I ended the year by going to New York City!  Begin with NYC, end with NYC.

2009?  No idea.  I never have an idea. 

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Mickie said...

umm i'd like to note that i am not the "follower"

who turned in your resume to LTSC??
I think i did.