Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My body is like a volcano

because it is currently filled with sulfur.

That is the result from my visit to the chiropractor today.

I hate doctors. Ok, I don't hate doctors, but I don't like going to the doctors. It's a hassle, and you almost aways come out with some bottle of pills in your hands, and I HATE (yes, that is a definitive hate) taking medicine. I don't believe pills cure everything, and I also simply just forget taking them.

When my back pain started 2 and a half weeks ago, I didn't think much of it in the beginning. But I decided to take action when it started interfering with my running, and let me tell you, I was DRAAGGGGIIIINN about going to the chiropractor. If there's anything I hate more than taking medication, it's taking pain killers, and I did NOT want to go home with some fancy name for muscle inflammation and a bottle of Ibuprofen.

I am happy to report, though, that I do not have any pain killers in hand. Nor do I have a fancy name to label my pain. Instead, I have orders to take 8 capsules of organic sulfur and stay off shellfish and meat. HoWHAAT in the name of Spinal Tap do sulfur and Surf and Turf got to do with back pains?

Apparently, there are different types of causes when it comes to pain in your muscles and joints. One is from an injury. Usually, there is an event, and you or your chiropractor can physical tell that there is something off. The other is caused by chemical imbalance in your cells that applies pressure to your joints and muscles. These can be caused by toxins in your body, or it could be hereditary. This type of pain is comparable with conditions like chronic migraines or weak stomachers. There are no straight reasons why the pain happens, but it just does sometimes.

Mine, apparently, is the latter. I apparently have a body type more prone to this type of muscle pain, proven by my family history of gout, and the fact that I've gotten this pain at such a young age. The chemical imbalance could be further aggravated by such things like high cholesterol diets, and over exercising. Sulfur helps with solving the imbalance along with appropriate diet and moderate exercise.

So, you're all like, that's bull. But here's the thing. #1 - Just days before my back pain started, I had this massive weekend of meat and shellfish fest due to weddings, wedding receptions, and 2nd wedding receptions I attended. I seldom eat these things on a daily basis, so it's possible that my body felt even more shock. And I didn't tell the chiropractor about this. #2 - Without explaining the above to my dad, he randomly left me a message of concern on my cell phone saying, "You should be careful because I started having back pains at your age." #3 - This might be psychological, but after swallowing 8 capsule of sulfur, I do feel less pain.

I feel like I'm trying to prove to you people about some psychic reading, but it's crazy!

Or maybe the sulfur aggravated my inner volcano so I'm just high off of sulfur dioxide gas. Who knows. I'll report tomorrow.

The good news is, it's apparently treatable in a week. My doctor said that I can start running in about a week! He told me to stick to swimming for now, but assured me that there was no damage and I should be able to get back to my mileage in no time.

I'll take sulfur for that! ( I can't even imagine what my insides smell like right now...)


Anonymous said...

I hope it works out! I guess it shows to prove. It proves to show. It points to prove. shows that everything in moderation, yeah?

Bonne sante! Salud!


Anonymous said...

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