Monday, May 21, 2007


Someone I met in Spain once told me: get ready, because 1-2 years after you graduate from college, a flood of people will be getting married. Then, it will die down as those people will start popping out kids. Then, a surge of weddings will happen when you turn 30.

I am definitely feeling the first flood!

I actually felt my first flood right out of high school, because our school happened to have a lot of Mormon kids. But this! This time, it's a little more crazy, because it has been literally one after another!

So, yesterday, my good friend got engaged in front of all of his friends. He did it very well. He basically asked one of his friends to convince his now fiance to plan a surprise birthday party for him (which was yesterday) so that he can turn it around and purpose to her in front of everyone. Champagne and good beer made me a cry baby. Well, I mean, the general happiness that my friend got engaged to such a nice girl helped with the tears as well. I suppose. haha.

Another friend of mine, who is also part of this pack of dudes I've known for a while, also got engaged, and is getting married in the fall. My other friend with an adorable baby got married and is planning her wedding. My co-worker also recently got engaged about a month ago, and also, getting married in the fall.


Whenever engagements are announced and there is another non-engaged couple around, I always imagine that the guy is sweatin' bullets, fearing that his chica is imagining their wedding. And believe me, they probably are. Because girls are bat-shit-crazy like that. Even if you've only been together for a week, if the idea is present, she will imagine your wedding. Or, at least, how she will look like in a wedding dress. Chances are, if she's actually not that into you, she's just imagining herself as a bride.

Either way, it's way too much to think about. I usually just think of a dress to wear to other people's weddings. A green one. Nice one. Rouched. I like rouched dresses.


leelu said...

omg, i know!!! wedding fever right now like crazy! i just had a wedding, have another one in a month, another one in september... it's crazy, crazy, crazy.

i don't think i want a wedding dress... green sounds nice.

Yvonne said...


Ivonne said...

İ leave for a few weeks and find that you still have not updated. Update! Dont use me as an example! Get your friend back from Japan and entertain me!